Military Dad Can’t Be Home For Christmas, So Wife Finds Clever Way To Get Him In Family’s Card

by Megan Wrappe
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For the last decade, the Sistrunk family has made quite a few sacrifices. Their dad and husband, Brandon, has served in the Air Force so he can support the family.

Unfortunately, this has often meant that he can’t be home for holidays or major events.

As his four kids have gotten older, they’ve started understanding more and more what their dad’s job means. They’re proud of him, but they still miss him every single day.

Now that it’s getting closer to Christmas, not having him home is hurting more than usual.

“They’re old enough now where they’re old enough to be mad about it,” Ashley said. “They’re old enough to be sad and so I have to balance all of their emotions on top of my emotions and so I think this one is honestly the hardest.”

To make up for their dad not being home, Ashley wanted to do something unique for this year’s Christmas card so Brandon could be included.

“We mainly do it as a reminder of Daddy’s doing something important more so than pretending that Daddy is still there because obviously that’s hard to do,” Ashley said.

What she came up with was a split-screen card with her and the kids in their home state of Colorado and a shot of Brandon in Iraq. And when the two were put together, an absolutely priceless moment was created.

Brandon sent Ashley almost a dozen possible pictures with him holding his sign in Iraq just so she could get the perfect one.

Though Brandon won’t be home for Christmas, this family is hoping that they’ll get to see him sometime in January, and the kids absolutely cannot wait!

“When he comes back, like play with him and do a lot of stuff when he comes back,” said Macy, Brandon’s 5-year-old-daughter.

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