Nonprofit Organization Donates Wedding Gowns To Military And First Responder Brides

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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On your wedding day, one of the most talked about things is your gown. All of your guests will ask where it is from, and some not-so-subtle friends and family members will ask how much it cost!

One husband made his wife’s day extra special by choosing her gown for her! Every bride just wants to feel beautiful in her dress, regardless of whether or not it is extravagant. But wedding dresses are not cheap! They can cost a bride thousands of dollars, depending on the designer.

One nonprofit organization is giving back to those who serve our country. Military brides and first responder brides can now get their dresses for free through this group!

Heidi Janson, owner of Tulle Bridal, began the nonprofit Brides Across America.

The organization helps those who serve us by giving them this generous gift! Janson knows that the last thing a bride wants to see before her big day is a hefty price tag, so she is cutting it off for them! You can see more about this wonderful group in the video below! Each year, they give away 2,000 wedding dresses.

You can learn more about Brides Across America by checking out their website!

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