2-Year-Old Thinks It’s ‘So Embarrassing’ When Her Family Goes Through Airport Security

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a private plane, you’ve definitely experienced airport security before and how it can sometimes make a trip feel like less of a vacation and more of a nightmare.

The long lines, taking off your shoes and jacket, and remembering the liquid rules can be a pain, especially when traveling with little ones or around the holidays. While security agents are there to keep flyers safe, it can make for a bad traveling experience.

Although she’s only 2 years old, Mila completely understands why people get grouchy waiting in airport security lines. While traveling with her family to Michigan in the summer of 2017, she apparently had a pretty bad experience with the TSA.

You may remember Mila from her video about how hot it is in Arizona. This time she has a bone to pick with the TSA. In the below clip, Mila goes on a little rant about the struggles of airport security lines.

“He took my shoes and my sippy cup,” Mila says. “Then he put me on a spaceship. What? I thought I was going to Michigan!”

She continues to say it was “so embarrassing” when her brother Charles was patted down by airport security.

“TSA… never again,” she finishes. “I’m done with you!”

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