Millennials Are Pranking Their Moms By Asking How Long It Takes To Microwave A Turkey

by Angela Andaloro

If there is anything millennials like to express, it’s that “adulting” ain’t easy. It’s no wonder that when our baby boomer parents hear us talking about cooking a Thanksgiving feast, they’re a little hesitant.

After all, so many things can go wrong, they don’t even know where to begin with warnings and reminders. This year for Thanksgiving, parents were treated to the scare of a lifetime with the latest viral pranking trend, which instructs people to text their parents and ask for some advice on microwaving turkeys, naturally eliciting horror from parents who thought their kids knew better. The results are, of course, hilarious.

The brave souls who have put their parents through this emotional roller coaster were kind enough to share the results on social media.

Check out the many stages of terror and ultimate relief below. If you’re reading this as a parent of a millennial, don’t forget to give us some credit! We’ve got it together just a little bit more than you’d think!

The trend began with this post from blessed.mess.jess on Instagram.

Brave cooking novices sent their moms text messages asking how long it would take to microwave a 25-pound turkey.

Naturally, they were thoroughly horrified by the question.

Some parents provided helpful suggestions on the right way to cook a turkey.

Some parents took a little convincing. I mean, anyone who has seen a Thanksgiving commercial knows that the oven is kind of necessary.

A lot of people just couldn’t hide their disappointment. Have you ever even been home while a turkey was being cooked?

I mean, who raised you?

Some poor moms blamed themselves for not teaching you better. The shame!

We’re worried for those of you whose parents think they’re capable of this, honestly.

Let’s not even touch on the amount of disappointed dads who had to open their phones to see this.

Some of you did this to both your parents at the same time? The nerve!

Even a few vegetarians couldn’t help but get in on the fun of this viral prank.

What was amazing to see was how many moms are straight savages. If you ask a ridiculous question, you’ll get a ridiculous answer.

A few parents couldn’t be tricked. Mama didn’t raise no fool!

All jokes aside, please do not microwave your Thanksgiving turkey. And listen to your parents!