14-Year-Old Boy Opens Door For Screaming Stranger When He Sees Her Abuser Following Behind Her

by Amy P
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A 14-year-old became a bona fide hero when a sexual assault victim started banging on his door. In 2013, James Persyn III was babysitting his two younger siblings on a cold winter’s night while their father went to pick up his fiancée from work.

Out of nowhere, the kids heard banging on the front door and a woman screaming, “Let me in! Let me in!”

James opened the door as a terrified college student darted into the kitchen. She told him that an armed man had kidnapped her and was trying to kill her, and that the children needed to hide.

Without hesitation, James sprung into action, leading everyone into the bathroom. Despite his own fear, he took full command of the situation and told his siblings and the woman to climb into the bathtub and hide.

Then, James had his sister call 911 while he retrieved the hunting knife he got for Christmas. He called his dad and told him to come home as soon as possible.

A few minutes later, they heard more banging on the door. This time, it was the woman’s attacker who showed up on the young boy’s property, threatening to kill.

Watch the video to find out what happened next, and why James’ entire community was stunned by his actions that day.

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