Michelle Obama Reveals That She Constantly Feels The Impact Of Racism

by Sarah Bregel
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Michelle Obama is opening up about the racism she endured while her husband was president. The former first lady is now an accomplished best-selling author, and she has a new podcast where she discusses everything from politics to family to race relations.

It’s definitely revealing. In the latest episode, she got really candid about how deeply she felt the impacts of racism as first lady, as well as in her everyday life.

She chatted with some of her longtime friends and opened up about what she encountered during her years in the White House. She also talked about certain instances when she says she felt invisible, like one incident while the whole family was standing in line to order ice cream and a white woman cut in front of them in line.

Michelle said it seemed like she didn’t even notice them standing there at all. “I notice that white people don’t even see me,” she said.

The former first lady said that as a Black woman, she notices white people not looking her in the eye all the time, and therefore they don’t even recognize her. “People will come up and pet my dogs and will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me. That is so telling,” she said. She also said that to white people, Black people often don’t exist. “When we do exist, we exist as a threat, and that is exhausting.”

For more on what Michelle had to say, watch the video.

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