Michael Phelps And Son Boomer Team Up With ‘PAW Patrol’ To Teach Kids About Water Safety

by Sarah Bregel
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Olympian Michael Phelps is adamant about water safety. He says that came from his mother, who insisted that he and his sister learn to swim at an early age.

Michael serves as the PAW Patrol Safety First! global water safety ambassador. He said in a press release, “Water safety has been a priority in my family since I was a child, as my mom was adamant that my sisters and I learn to swim for safety purposes.”

Now he and his 4-year-old son, Boomer, are teaching those valuable lessons to kids and their parents. The duo star in a new PSA alongside PAW Patrol‘s water-rescue pup, Zuma. The two, along with other parent-and-child pairs, teach kids the ABCs and 123s of water safety. The lessons are so important for kids to learn about, especially this time of year.

Michael and his kiddo seem like the perfect ones to explain how to stay safe!

Michael is the proud dad of three adorable kids. Of course, as a professional swimmer who has been in the pool his whole life, he’s passionate about the water, and that means learning water safety, too. Now that he’s a dad, water safety takes on an entirely new meaning.

“The statistics around accidental drowning are alarming and we want to help educate and encourage families with a few basic tips in a fun and informative way,” he says. “We want all kids to know the 123s of water safety — starting with never going to the water alone — and thanks to the support of the Michael Phelps Foundation, Nickelodeon and PAW Patrol, we can bring these important messages to the world with the help of the PAW Patrol pups and a fun, catchy song for families to sing along.”

The cute PSA is a must-watch for kids. It shares important lessons, like never going in the water alone and knowing where the shallow end of the pool is. It also discusses the importance of learning to swim. For Michael, those are lessons his kids are quickly learning.

The 28-time medalist loves taking his kids in the water. If you follow him on social media, you already know that he’s been getting his kids ready to swim since they were babies. In a recent post, he shared an image of his entire family in the pool. “Two love the pool, one isn’t really a fan…YET,” he wrote, referring to his newest addition, Maverick, who was born last September.

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Michael’s three boys — Boomer, Beckett, and little Maverick — are bound to be great swimmers. But not everyone has an Olympic swimmer for a dad. So it’s important to share water safety lessons with the greater public. This isn’t the first time Michael has done that, either.

He and Boomer previously promoted water safety for families when they teamed up with Huggies back in 2018. This new project — PAW Patrol Safety First! — is set to air on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and associated television and social media channels beginning Tuesday.

So get your little swimmers ready for a lesson in water safety.

Michael has been involved in a lot of other important campaigns. Not only has he taken on water safety, which is clearly a cause close to his heart, he’s also talked about the importance of seeking mental health treatment. He’s opened up about his struggles with anxiety and depression. Coming from someone so accomplished, it’s always impactful to hear those stories.

Michael definitely chooses his projects wisely. Because he’s a dad to three young boys, talking about water safety certainly seems to be a big focus for him right now. The importance of the topic shouldn’t be underestimated either. Hundreds of kids drown each year in swimming pools. Hopefully, this PSA can help to bring those numbers down.

It’s great to see Michael so committed to talking about water safety, along with the other causes he’s so adamant about. He’s definitely an inspiration. While he may not be competing for any more medals, he’s still making a big splash with his partnerships.

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We’re likely to hear more from Michael and his three little ones about water safety. Chances are, they’ll all be swimming up a storm in no time at all. We all might not be as fast as those in the Phelps family, but we should definitely be aware of the important lessons they’re helping to teach.