Michael Douglas Opens Up About His Son Cameron’s ‘Nightmare’ Struggle With Drug Addiction

by Lindsey Weedston

Michael Douglas recently spoke up about his son Cameron’s drug addiction, which led to a seven-year prison sentence for possession.

Cameron Douglas was released in 2016 and has since created a beautiful life for himself free of drugs.

“My son’s struggle was a nightmare,” said Michael in a Radio Times interview. “It was stressful for all involved, very painful and difficult. I’m happy to say he’s in wonderful shape now.”

Since getting out of prison, Cameron has been pursuing an acting career and already has a baby daughter with girlfriend Viviane Thibes. Little Lua was born last December and is absolutely adorable.

Cameron’s drug addiction plagued him even in prison, where he admitted to trying to smuggle drugs into the facility. That stunt got him an additional two years added onto his sentence. That may have been the wake-up call he needed, however, as he appears to be clean and happy today. Photos of him with his new family show him as a smiling father and family man.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Cameron said of being a father. “I think it’s going to be more inspiration and drive to really put together a nice life together for her, for my daughter.”

“He’s grown up a lot,” said grandpa Michael. “Lua is the most beautiful little girl. I couldn’t be more happy, and it’s just great to see him be such a great father.”

We wish Michael Douglas and his family all the best.

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