Meryl Streep Calls Out Mariah Carey After Singer ‘Steals’ Her Seat At The Golden Globes

by Jess Butler
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The 75th Golden Globe Awards aired on January 7, 2018, and it was full of celebrities and celebrations. It was a time for all of the most famous stars in Hollywood to come together and honor each other. With countless actors, actresses, singers, and TV personalities in attendance, there were bound to be some unusual encounters.

Well, Meryl Streep certainly had one of those — with Mariah Carey. According to People:

“During Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Post star, 68, shared her reaction to the singer, 47, accidentally stealing her seat during a commercial break. ‘Bitch stole my seat!’ Streep jokingly told host Jimmy Kimmel.”

In the video below, Mariah claims she got “caught off guard” while mingling and grabbed the first seat she could find, which just happened to be Meryl’s — next to director Steven Spielberg.

Luckily, the famous singer apologized and wrote out the conversation between the two of them on Twitter, saying, “Me: ‘Dear Meryl, please forgive me!!!’ Meryl Streep: ‘You can take my seat anytime!'”

In the end, it’s just good to know that everything worked out between the two Golden Globes attendees.

How would you have reacted if Mariah Carey ended up in your seat?

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