Wife Finds Her Menstrual Cup In Bag Of Rice After Clueless Husband Uses It To Make Dinner

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Lots of people like to make jokes about how dads and husbands are totally useless in the kitchen.

Of course, many dads and husbands are actually very accomplished cooks and wonderful cleaners, but we still like to make jokes at their expense.

Well, Cindy Hobbs recently had an experience with her husband’s cooking that she thought was too funny not to share.

One day, Cindy, who has three kids, noticed her toddler had gotten ahold of her menstrual cup, so she immediately tried to take it from her. After wrangling the period product from her little one’s hands, Cindy got distracted and left the menstrual cup on the counter.

The next day, she looked into a bag of rice and found her menstrual cup. She was confused about why it was there, so she texted her husband to ask. His answer had her doubled over in laughter, and now it’s making people all over the internet crack up, too.

cindy hobbs

Cindy Hobbs was home one day when she saw her menstrual cup in her toddler’s hands.

She took the period product but then forgot it on the kitchen counter.

mom toddler

A day later, Cindy found her menstrual cup in a bag of rice, so she texted her husband to ask about it.

He seemed genuinely confused, and explained that he had used it as a rice scooper.

menstrual cup

Cindy shared the ensuing text exchange on Facebook, and people who read it were in absolute hysterics.

The photo shows Cindy and her husband’s texts.

cindy facebook

Cindy began by sending a photo of the menstrual cup to her husband, asking “What is this doing in the rice?”

Her husband quickly replied, “I used it to measure the rice last night, it said 3 cups of rice.”

rice bag

Cindy was disgusted, and she sent back the sick face emoji.

Her innocent husband didn’t understand, sending a question mark as his response.

menstrual cup hand

Cindy responded, “It’s my MENSTRUAL CUP YOU D*** POD!”

Again, her husband had no idea what was going on. “?Menstalony soup?” he asked.

minestrone menstrual

“It’s MINESTRONE soup you w*nker! Google menstrual!” Cindy immediately replied.

Finally, her husband figured it out: He had used a period product to make dinner.

minestrone soup

“Oh f*ck!” he wrote back, finally in the know.

Of course, everything was totally fine, and it was completely safe for him to use the menstrual cup (which was clean) to scoop rice.

cooking rice

Almost every comment on the post involves people tagging their friends and spouses.

Some people think what happened was gross, but most are just amused by the situation.

cooking kitchen

Do you know someone who would accidentally do something like this?

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