These Men Who Saved A Drowning Bull Will Make You Forget That Everything Is Terrible

by Alex Cavallo

Do you ever feel like everything is terrible? Like, you’d rather just give up the internet altogether and go full Luddite before logging into Twitter and having to read one more piece of bad news?

Same. But everything is not terrible! There is still some good in the world and not all people are walking, talking dumpster fires. Some people will still go out of their way to help another person in need. Or, in some cases, an animal in need. (Which is just as important, in our opinion.)

Case in point: these good Samaritans who came together to rescue a 2,500 lb bull who had fallen into a canal in India over the weekend. Camera footage caught the whole brave rescue, as the men banded together to tie ropes to the scared, floundering animal and hoist him out of the 35-foot-deep Beas Satluj Link canal in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh.

The men had seen it struggling to scale the slippery banks of the canal and decided they couldn’t keep walking and let the poor bull drown. They even went so far as to tend to his sore hooves after the daring rescue.

We’re not sure if cows being considered sacred in India has anything to do with their call to rescue, but we’re hoping they’d have saved any animal they saw in a similar predicament.

Watch the video below if you want your daily dose of feels. Teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s no bull.


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