Men Rescue Two Turtles Chained Together And Save Them From Drowning

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Every time I hear about abused animals, I pray that the animal finds a happy ending and a life far from their abuser.

In 2016, two men were on a walk in Florida when they noticed something struggling in the water. They quickly jumped into action to rescue whoever was in need.

Michael Oakes climbed down to the bank while his friend Peter filmed him. As Michael approached the water, he realized that it’s not one animal, but two. Someone had chained two turtles together.

As he pulled the turtles from the water, his horror was doubled. The person hadn’t just chained these turtles, they had also drilled holes into both of their bodies, and then connected them by the chain.

Disgusted that someone could be so cruel, Michael is visibly upset in the video below. Thankfully, he is able to free both turtles from their confines. He believed they were close to drowning, as it was hard to swim while chained together.

He and Peter filmed this rescue to warn people in their area about what happened, and to let everyone know how they felt about this horrible act. Hopefully, their video helps other people protect innocent animals.

If you were happy to see these animals rescued, you’ll also enjoy this video of baby turtles rushing to the sea after hatching from their eggs.

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NOTE: Please contact your local wildlife center if you ever discover any turtles or other wild animals injured in a similar manner. You can search using this online tool to find the closest center to your home. 

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