Grown Men Have A Dance-Off With Grandma At Basketball Game And She Steals The Spotlight

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If you’ve ever attended a basketball game, you know that entertainment is everywhere you look. On the court, the game is progressing before your eyes. If you look in the stands of cheering crowds, you can pinpoint a few thrilled fans jumping up and down or dancing. And if you look up, there’s always something on the jumbotron that’s fascinating, like shots from the “kiss cam!”

So when the Phoenix Suns played the Houston Rockets on Sunday, fans attending the game had a lot to look forward to. We’ve already seen some very excited sports fans before — just check out this grandma who totally freaked out when she saw herself on the big screen!

This time around, the camera focused on several different fans of all ages. In the clip below, you can see two men performing a choreographed dance that they’ve clearly practiced.

But watch out when it was one grandma’s turn. When the camera focuses on her, the lady in a white sweater leaps to her feet and steals the show! She doesn’t hesitate to show off her dancing chops.

Check out her swift and precise moves in the clip below. We may not know her name, but this grandma won this showdown, don’t you think?

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Footage and photos provided by KNXV Phoenix

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