Husband Plans A Second Wedding For His Wife After She Loses Her Memory In A Car Crash

by Paul Morris
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When Justice Stamper got married to the love of her life, Jeremy Stamper, she knew that her wedding day would be forever etched in her memory. But 19 days later, that memory got wiped clean from her mind.

Less than three weeks after her special day, Justice got into a particularly violent car crash. She hit her head so hard that she lost about five weeks’ worth of memories, including her wedding day. Luckily, after some intense physical therapy, her body recovered, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t seem to recollect the day she said “I do.”

Imagine how odd it must have felt when she gazed upon her own wedding day photographs. She recognized herself in the picture, standing next to her husband, smiling and happy…but she didn’t remember any of it.

About a month after the crash, she finally confessed to Jeremy that she didn’t remember their wedding. Jeremy’s response was about as perfect as you can get: He told her they should have a second wedding!

They’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for their upcoming wedding, and if they can manage enough money, it will be just in time to have the wedding on their first anniversary, which is coming up in August.

We have truly been through some rough times and we really could use any help anyone can offer. We are doing this fund raiser to take the load off of us and to help us do it again on our one year anniversary so we can have a memory that we both can talk about and reminisce without someone getting upset,” Jeremy wrote on the website.

While its a shame that Justice had to go through so much heartache, we’re overjoyed that they’ll be having their special day again. We’re so happy that the Stamper’s will get to live “happily ever after” all over again!

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