Melissa McCarthy Smuggled 40 Ham Sandwiches Into The Golden Globes And Secretly Gave Them Away

by Kim Wong-Shing
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This year’s Golden Globe Awards were a spectacle, as always. But hidden beneath all the glitz, glamour, and thank you speeches was the real star of the show: Melissa McCarthy’s ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

Melissa and her husband, Ben Falcone, smuggled an entire bag full of ham-and-cheese baguettes into the awards ceremony. This was not just a few sandwiches, people. They brought a total of 40, according to Ben’s Instagram. 40 sandwiches!!!

“I’ve been handing them out to everyone,” Melissa told Variety.

And by “everyone,” she meant a room full of drunk, hungry celebrities. Since dinner isn’t served during the actual televised event, most attendees are starving all night long.

There’s often some type of sneaky snacking going on at the awards, but this? This is a master class.

By watching the broadcast, you’d never know that nearly 40 tipsy celebs were happily munching on ham sandwiches. No one knows for sure how Melissa got the sandwiches into the event, but the recipients sure were thankful.

Melissa McCarthy is legendary for a lot of reasons — Gilmore Girls, Bridesmaids, her Saturday Night Live skits.

But her stunt at this year’s Golden Globe Awards was next-level genius.

At each year’s Golden Globes, the organization serves a fancy dinner while all the celebrities are walking the red carpet.

By the time everyone is seated and the televised event begins, dinner is no longer being served, and therefore the celebrities are starving.

Lots of celebrities come up with workarounds for this. Lady Gaga feasted on Fruity Pebbles after the event, while Rachel Brosnahan generally packs power bars to survive the long night.

But this year, attendees had access to delicious deli sandwiches, thanks to Melissa and her husband, Ben Falcone.

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Somehow, Melissa managed to smuggle 40 ham-and-cheese sandwiches into the broadcast. Baguettes, to be specific!

“I’ve been handing them out to everyone,” Melissa told Variety.

“How did she get them in here?” actress Jessica Chastain wondered.

How, indeed. No one has a clue how the actress managed to sneak in so many sandwiches without anyone noticing.

Ben posted a surreptitious photo of the sandwich bag on Instagram, where he explained that he and his wife had entered the awards show with 40 sandwiches and left with only two.

“We left with some happy customers,” he wrote.

The sandwiches were individually wrapped from Joan’s on Third, a specialty food marketplace in Los Angeles. They were lovingly placed in a bag with an ice pack to keep ’em cold.

It was the perfect drunk snack! Melissa is a true hero.

Indeed, other Golden Globe attendees were eternally grateful to the sneaky couple.

Jessica Chastain noted, “It’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom, dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry.”


And one award winner, Olivia Colman, even gave an onstage shout-out to the sandwiches.

Olivia won best actress in a comedy or musical film for The Favorite.

As for Melissa, she was nominated for best actress in a drama motion picture for Can You Ever Forgive Me? This was her first nomination since 2015.

Melissa lost the award to Glenn Close this year, but honestly? With 40 ham sandwiches on deck, who’s the real winner here?

It looks like this might be the start of a new yearly tradition, too.

“Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs,” Melissa said.

If this lady can successfully sneak hot dogs and condiments into the Golden Globes, they ought to invent a new award just for her.

Like I said — genius.