Meghan McCain Mourns The Loss Of Dad John McCain’s Dog: ‘She Would Never Leave His Side’

by Angela Andaloro

The McCain family has been going through a rough time. The death of John McCain last August after a battle with brain cancer left the family devastated.

Senator McCain had an incredible political career and served his country in one way or another until the very end. His legacy lives on through his seven children and wife, Cindy.

Meghan McCain has spoken about her father a lot. The two were very close, and Meghan has served as the family’s voice. As the family works through the grieving process, they’ve been delivered another tough blow that has put them in mourning yet again.

Meghan took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news that her father’s beloved dog and companion, Burma, had died.

The Chesapeake Bay retriever was a great comfort to his owner in his final days. While Meghan’s posts show that she believes they’ll be reunited in heaven, it surely is still hard for the family to lose another piece of their beloved patriarch.

The death of John McCain has left a hole in his family. The senator and war hero died in August after battling brain cancer.

His daughter Meghan McCain has been very vocal about discussing her father’s illness and death. It’s been an incredibly emotional experience for the cohost of The View.

In her time of mourning, Meghan has also had to battle some pretty harsh words about her father at the hands of the president. The two were adversaries for some time, and the president has continued to comment about the late senator after his death.

Although Meghan hasn’t let herself shut down emotionally, she’s been strong for her family. She tries to focus on remembering her father positively.

Sadly, another loss in the McCain family is drumming up the pain of John’s passing. John’s beloved dog, Burma, died just eight months after her owner.

Burma was given to John as a birthday gift years ago. She was his constant companion, always by his side.

John was an animal lover and often shared photos of his adventures with Burma. The two enjoyed spending time outdoors together.

Family friend Rick Davis revealed that Burma mourned her owner in the days following his death. According to AZ Central, she slept on his bed for three days after his death, burrowing herself in his blankets.

Since his passing, the family has shared photos of Burma at John’s grave site. The emotional photos show the bond between the two, and how not even death could come between them.

Meghan took to Instagram to share the news of the beloved Chesapeake Bay retriever’s passing. “Every time I think my heart can’t be broken any further…” she began the post.

Meghan’s mother, Cindy, also took to Instagram. In her post, she revealed that Burma was killed in a “tragic accident” at the family’s Hidden Valley home.

The loss is surely hard for the McCain family. They are comforted in their belief that the two have been reunited in heaven.

James McCain also posted a tribute to Burma. “Today my father missed his best friend so much He came down to get her,” he wrote. “Now they are together again and i know he already is sneaking table food her. Some times in life best friends need to be together even in the sky.”

The McCain family has suffered a lot of loss. As they move through the difficult emotions of grief, they have a whole nation supporting them from near and far.