Meghan McCain Is Pregnant Following Her 2018 Miscarriage And Shares She Will Go Into Isolation

by Stephanie Kaloi

Meghan McCain is pregnant! She and her husband Ben Domenech have shared some great news: They are having a baby following a miscarriage she suffered in 2018.

She wrote online, “My husband Ben and I have been blessed to find out I’m pregnant. Although this isn’t how I expected to announce my pregnancy, both we and our families are excited to share the news with you all.”

However, she says that the pregnancy will come with another new change: She will be self-isolating for the duration of coronavirus.

“I consulted with my doctors and they advised me that for the safety of our baby and myself, I should be extra vigilant about limiting the amount of people we come in contact with,” she said.

“Starting immediately, I’ll be joining the millions of Americans who are self-isolating as a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, I will be appearing on ‘The View’ from home via satellite.”

She went on to write:

“I’m fortunate that my employer, ABC, has allowed me and my co-hosts to work remotely. I am indebted to our producers and crew. I also want to acknowledge the heroes—the doctors, nurses, grocery and pharmacy workers, journalists, police officers, firemen, and military—who are on the front lines of this fight.

“Please stay safe. Wash your hands and avoid public gatherings and I will continue to see you each morning on ‘The View.'”

A friend of Meghan’s has also told People, “She and her family are very excited by the news. But right now, she’s finding strength at her role at The View. She knows her most important responsibility is to inform Americans to stay home and minimize the spread of the coronavirus.”

This happy news arrives about eight months after Meghan shared that she had suffered a miscarriage. She wrote in the New York Times, “I knew I was pregnant before I formally knew I was pregnant. My body told me in all the ways women are familiar with. It told me in the same ways that I was miscarrying.”

Her first pregnancy was unplanned. She said, “The surprise of learning I was pregnant, many months ago now, swiftly turned to joy. With that joy came all the questions, plans and aspirations that every mother knows. For a brief moment, I had the privilege of seeing myself in the sisterhood of motherhood.”

When she miscarried, she, like so many women before her, blamed herself: “This is my fault. I blamed myself. Perhaps it was wrong of me to choose to be a professional woman, working in a high-pressure, high-visibility, high-stress field, still bearing the burden of the recent loss of my father and facing on top of that the arrows that come with public life. I blamed my age, I blamed my personality. I blamed everything and anything a person could think of, and what followed was a deep opening of shame.”

She also shared that she very much loved the baby she miscarried: “I had a miscarriage. I loved my baby, and I always will. To the end of my days I will remember this child — and whatever children come will not obscure that. I have love for my child. I have love for all the women who, like me, were briefly in the sisterhood of motherhood, hoping, praying and nursing joy within us, until the day the joy was over.”

She concluded by saying that she hoped her father and his granddaughter were together: “When my father passed, I took refuge in the hope that someday we would be united in the hereafter. There is my father — and he is holding his granddaughter in his hands.”

She publicized her pain in hopes that it would help others: “I hope you will share my piece in the New York Times with someone who will be helped by it.”

Meghan has also previously shared that her mother, Cindy, started pressuring her to have a baby out of nowhere in 2018: “She has never asked me before and then all [of a] sudden she brings it up all the time. It’s hilarious and uncomfortable.”

Meghan and her husband got married in November 2017, which likely spurred her mother on.

Meghan says that she hopes she can emulate both of her own parents through her own role as a mom. She especially hopes she can parent like her dad: “He pulled off being such a good dad. If I ever have kids, I want to figure out how he did it. My mom is truly the matriarch of our family and has kept everyone sane.”

In 2018, Meghan marked her one-year wedding anniversary in a special tribute to her husband on Instagram. She wrote, “1 year married tomorrow baby, I can’t believe it’s been a year. My ride or die from day one. In the words of the late poet Johnny Cash — we fell into a burning ring of fire. My great love, my best friend, my true partner, my shelter from the storm. I would not have survived this last year without you.”