Did Meghan Markle ‘Deliberately’ Suffer Wardrobe Malfunction At Wedding To ‘Steal The Show’?

by Madison Vanderberg

Poor Meghan Markle. The world — well, Twitter — is always waiting on pins and needles for her next wardrobe malfunction or royal faux pas, and on Saturday, she gave them one. Meghan celebrated her birthday on August 4, 2018 (Happy 37th!) and marked the occasion by attending the wedding of Harry’s friend Charlie van Straubenzee.

She looked gorgeous as always in a $328 Club Monaco dress, but it was her undone button that had the world talking.

At one point during the wedding, her top button came undone, exposing her bra underneath. She quickly covered herself and gasped at the all-too-common slipup. Some Twitter naysayers called her wardrobe malfunction “deliberate,” while others came to her rescue with cheeky tweets like: “Oh my god Meghan Markle wears a bra?! Goodness gracious.

I am shocked I tell you. Shocked.”

However, lets put a pin in Meghan’s pseudo wardrobe malfunction, because Cosmopolitan.com pointed out that Harry was walking around with a giant hole in the sole of his shoe. If we’re gonna point fingers, let’s do it with gender parity, please.

Loose blouse or not, the thing to remember is that Meghan celebrated a birthday (yay!), and the couple celebrated a close friend’s nuptials (also, yay!). In fact, this wasn’t just any wedding. The groom was an usher at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding back in May, and Harry was one of the groomsmen at the Charlie’s Saturday wedding.

See Meghan’s wedding guest fashion in the video below.

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