Meghan Markle Wore Sweet Jewelry To Honor Prince Harry And Archie At Her US Open Appearance

by Angela Andaloro

Meghan Markle has proved time and again to be an amazing friend to Serena Williams. The Duchess of Sussex took a covert trip to New York to see her bestie compete in the US Open Finals.

Trolls have blasted Meghan for taking the last-minute trip, implying that a mother shouldn’t leave her 4-month-old child to do anything, let alone something that wasn’t required of her. While opinions fly on whether or not Meghan should have appeared, there’s one thing that’s clear: Prince Harry and Archie weren’t far from the duchess’s mind or heart.

Meghan looked airy and casual as she cheered on Serena from the crowd, wearing a mid-length button-down denim dress with tie belt from J.Crew.

The $118 versatile piece has sold out since Meghan’s appearance in it. Eagle-eyed royal watchers also noticed the duchess wearing a 14-carat gold necklace from Mini Mini Jewels. The necklace featured two dainty dog tags, one with an H for Harry and the other with an A for Archie.

Meghan Markle may not have known it when she decided to travel to New York City to root for Serena Williams in the US Open finals, but she made some serious statements with her trip. For one, she solidified the importance of her friendship with Serena.

meghan markle archie

The Duchess of Sussex also made the trip knowing, as mothers in the modern age have quickly learned, that she would be criticized for it. Meghan has made only a few appearances since giving birth to Archie in May, but she’s been recently criticized for a few quick trips out of the country.

Meghan is still on maternity leave until her event to debut her women’s workwear capsule line with Misha Nonoo this Thursday, so the time is hers to do as she pleases. That doesn’t mean that trolls won’t criticize her for taking the quick trip.

There were some particularly vicious criticisms of Meghan for leaving Archie behind to support Serena. Of course, Meghan simply left her child with his other parent, Prince Harry, so she could support a dear friend, which is perfectly reasonable. Sadly, it’s fair game for criticism in the royal stratosphere.

Meghan still stepped out, making a stand for women having lives outside of their children. It’s also a beautiful example of women supporting one another, which is something that should be celebrated.

meghan markle us open

Not only did she make it to the US Open, but she made a fashion statement while doing so. Meghan wore a mid-length button-down denim dress with a tie belt. The J.Crew dress costs just $118 and sold out after Meghan’s appearance.

It was something else that Meghan was wearing that caught the eye of fans. The Duchess of Sussex had on a 14-carat-gold necklace with two dainty dog tag charms. On one charm was an H for Harry. On the other was an A for Archie. The necklace is made by Mini Mini Jewels and costs $245 for a necklace with one tag.

The beautiful necklace is proof that even when Meghan isn’t with Harry and Archie, they’re always on her mind and close to her heart. It’s also important to note that this necklace isn’t the only piece of jewelry that is a tribute to one of the guys in Meghan’s life.

meghan markle wimbledon

When attending Wimbledon in July, Meghan was seen wearing an 18-karat gold chain with an A charm as a nod to her baby boy. The necklace was made by Australian jeweler Verse and costs $595.

Serena may not have walked away with a big win at the event, but that doesn’t mean Meghan didn’t have a good time. For one thing, she was in excellent company. Meghan sat with Venus Williams, Oracene Price, Alexis Ohanian, and Anna Wintour to watch Serena’s match.

Meghan was even surprised to get a shout-out at the event. The camera panned to the duchess, and her image appeared on the stadium screen. She waved shyly as the entire stadium cheered loudly for her.

The trip to the US Open marked Meghan’s first solo overseas trip since giving birth to Archie. She was last in New York City in February, when Serena and other friends threw her a beautiful baby shower at The Mark Hotel.

In just two weeks, Meghan, Harry, and Archie will be embarking on their royal tour of southern Africa. The royals have a busy schedule on the trip, according to newly released details. There’s no word on what, if any, public appearances will be made by Archie.

Meghan shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a little bit of time to herself ahead of returning to royal duties. She can also feel good about being a great friend and an example of how women should support and uplift each other more often.