Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister And Brother Call The Royals ‘Angry, Twisted Souls’ In Explosive Rant

by Angela Andaloro

Meghan Markle’s family is yet again coming at her in the most public way they possibly can. This summer has seen no shortage of pleas for royal attention from Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, and half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas Jr. It’s no secret that their highly public outcries for recognition from the Duchess of Sussex have led the public to question their motives.

Despite her family’s negative comments, Meghan is flourishing in her role as a royal. Numerous public appearances and behind-the-scenes reports have made it clear that the royal family loves Harry’s bride and are happy to see her committed to her responsibilities as Duchess of Sussex.

Yet it seems her family won’t let go of their perceived slights and plan to make their stance known for as long as they have a platform to shout it from. The latest attacks from Meghan’s half-siblings prove that the Markles have no plans to slow down their public condemnation of Meghan, regardless of what anyone thinks of them.

It’s hard to believe it’s been only three months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, in part because of how much drama has unfolded since.

The drama isn’t between the newlyweds but between Meghan and the Markle side of her family.

Things have been tense between Meghan and her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., since the photo shoot that he was paid for, showing him prepping for the royal wedding.

Thomas Markle’s alleged heart attack was the official reason he was absent from the royal wedding, but he has since spoken out and claimed things went down a little differently.

Reports that Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, plans to move to London to be closer to her daughter have angered the Markle family, who say Meghan has cut all ties with them since the paparazzi photo debacle.

According to the MirrorThomas Markle claims, “Meghan asked me to tell Samantha to stop talking about her and then asked me to stop talking to Samantha. I have two daughters. I can’t stop talking to one of them. No father should be asked to turn his back on their children. I love Meghan but I also love Samantha.”

Samantha Markle has openly bashed Meghan for her treatment of their father, regularly tweeting her grievances against the duchess.

She seemed to call Meghan a sociopath for her treatment of their father.

She went on to say the royal family’s treatment of Thomas Markle isn’t just rude and unjust but also not in line with their Christian values.

She implied the sermon delivered at the wedding of Harry and Meghan was hypocritical and that the royal family are “angry and twisted souls.”

Meghan’s brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has also spoken out, telling the Mirror “Throughout our lives, dad always put Meg first, above me and my sister, but if what he is saying is true it appears she is abusing his love for her. It’s selfish, cruel even. He gave her everything and now she is giving him nothing but hurt back.”

Thomas Jr. went on to say, “They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg’s veins. It’s heartbreaking to see how this has changed her and the devastation it has caused to my family. Anyone who saw Meg when she was growing up knew her and my dad were inseparable. Now it looks as though they may never speak again.”

As this family feud continues to play out very publicly, people have weighed in, largely sympathizing with Meghan.

Sadly, this family drama shows no sign of slowing down. Samantha Markle has alluded to appearing on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, although there’s been no confirmation of her place in the cast. Thomas Markle Sr. has also made it clear he won’t be silenced.

It’s unfortunate to see how much of the Markle family’s dirty laundry is being drudged up in their battle to establish a relationship with Meghan. It’s also unfortunate that Meghan’s first few months of marriage are being overshadowed by her family’s bad behavior. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that there’s a resolution that won’t leave all parties involved feeling burned.