People Can’t Stop Talking About Meghan Markle’s Major ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ On The Royal Tour

by Caralynn Lippo
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Wardrobe malfunctions: They happen to the best of us, right? Well, apparently even royals aren’t immune to fashion mishaps.

People are convinced that the Duchess of Sussex suffered one such moment on the final day of her royal tour. According to Entertainment Tonight, Meghan Markle stepped out in New Zealand with her husband, Prince Harry, on Wednesday, October 31. As usual, Meghan was dressed to the nines in a fabulous outfit, wearing a navy sweater and a matching navy Givenchy pleated skirt with navy heels.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous skirt appeared to be completely sheer in certain lighting.

In photos taken during the meet-and-greet, it looks like the semi-sheer panels of the skirt allow onlookers to see flashes of the 37-year-old royal’s undergarments — something that is most definitely against the rather strict royal fashion and etiquette rules.

Here’s one of the photos in which the skirt appears to be entirely see-through:

It certainly seems this was just a lighting issue, as the skirt doesn’t appear to look see-through from certain angles and in certain lights (as in the video below) — it’s only when the sun hits it!

Today also questioned whether the skirt is really see-through or if it’s just an optical illusion, noting that the fabric “strobing on camera” might have made it appear to be sheer when it’s actually not.

“I believe the inner panels of the skirt were constructed with a stripe of a thin material that probably did not seem sheer when hanging in normal lighting. By looking at the photos, the direct sunlight obviously had a huge impact on the fabric transparency,” Adrienne M. Kronovet, founder and CEO of the work-wear line Ameliora, told Today. “I would say it only appears to be see-through in certain lighting and is actually covered underneath.”

One thing is for sure: We love Meghan more than ever for having such a relatable, human moment.

Do you think this skirt really was sheer, and if so, was it accidental or just the latest way that Meghan is pushing royal fashion boundaries?

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