Can Meghan Markle Run For President? British Author Believes The Former Duchess Plans To One Day

by Stephanie Kaloi

Oh, boy: British author Lady Colin Campbell, who happens to have a book about Meghan Markle coming out soon, reportedly believes that everyone’s favorite Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions in the United States.

While speaking to the MailOnline, Lady Campbell said, “I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions.” But can Meghan Markle run for president? The answer is … yes.

She added, “I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions and I’ve been told that one day she wants to run for President. I think everything she is doing, leaving the Royal Family and moving back to California is part of her plan and she has taken Harry along with her.”

That’s quite a lot to drop on an unsuspecting crowd of royal watchers.

It’s also not even the tip of the iceberg, as Lady Colin Campbell has a whole bunch of things to say about Meghan.

Coincidentally, Lady Campbell’s book, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, will be released on July 28, 2020.

Lady Campbell also believes that Meghan “squandered” the “most wonderful opportunity” when she and Harry chose to leave the royal family. Lady Campbell shared that she reportedly hosted a birthday party for Prince Charles at her home, Castle Goring in Worthing, West Sussex, and Meghan wanted to leave because she was “bored.”

She told the publication, “We were all horrified. It was a warning sign Meghan was not going to adjust as well as she’d hoped.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that Meghan has largely demonstrated a huge degree of empathy and kindness, and that she spent a lot of her time as a senior royal volunteering and giving back. She was also on the receiving end of a seemingly unending wave of negative press coverage in the UK.

However, Lady Campbell appears to be interested in adding to that negative coverage. While speaking to Australia’s network program Channel Nine, she said, “If you listen to their engagement tape they both state she’s been treated very well, she’s been welcomed with open arms and they can’t wait for her to become a working member of the Royal Family and she said she wanted to hit the ground running.”

Now, however, Lady Campbell believes that Meghan and Harry decided to leave because things weren’t going their way. “It did not work out for Meghan the way she thought it would … Meghan did not make the adjustment she should have and could have, and she is the one in my opinion [who drove the departure].”

This isn’t Lady Campbell’s first book about the family, as noted in the new book’s description. “A balanced account of game changes, conflicts and ambitions in the Royal Family from the bestselling author of Diana in Private.”

The description also states, “The fall from popular grace of Prince Harry, the previously adulated brother of the heir to the British throne as a consequence of his marriage to the beautiful and dynamic Hollywood actress and Suits star, Meghan Markle, makes for fascinating reading in this new book from Lady Colin Campbell, best-selling biographer of Princess Diana, the Queen Mother and the Queen’s marriage.”

“With unique breadth of insight Lady C goes behind the scenes, speaking to friends, relations, courtiers, and colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic to reveal the most unexpected royal story since Edward VIII’s Abdication. She highlights the dilemmas involved and the issues that lurk beneath the surface, as to why the couple decided to step down as senior royals. She analyses the implications of the actions of a young and ambitious Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in love with each other and with the empowering lure of fame and fortune, and leads the reader through the maze of contradictions, revealing how Californian culture has influenced the couple’s conduct.”

Meghan and Harry: The Real Story exposes how the royal couple tried and failed to change the royal system by adapting it to their own needs and ambitions, and, upon failing, how they decided to create a new system altogether.”

Meghan and Harry have not commented on this book, and it’s unlikely they will. And while the claims that Lady Campbell is putting forth may sound dubious, there’s nothing technically standing in the way of Meghan running for any office in the United States if she wanted to. In January 2020, Markos Kounalakis wrote an opinion piece in the Miami Herald about exactly this possibility.

He points out that the current prime minister, Boris Johnson, was born in New York City. “If this all seems far-fetched, then imagine that the guy currently running Great Britain is a Big Apple-born mophead who won on promises to build a bigger moat and upgrade British healthcare. Prime Minister Boris Johnson not only was born in New York’s Upper East Side, he skipped out on his IRS debts. America and Britain do indeed have a ‘special relationship.'”

Therefore, “Meghan, if BoJo can hop the pond to run Britain by winning a stunning majority of parliamentary seats, you can certainly come home and make a splash in D.C. You really have a shot. Your candidacy would also block any ideas Johnson might have about coming back to the United States to run for president himself. A pre-emptive strike, if you will.”

He concludes by noting, “Royalty is already a fairy tale. You have unmasked the more unsavory aspects of it without making it impossible to watch ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. Ultimately, you have the one quality that every voter in America, regardless of gender pronoun, says he or she or they want: Authenticity.

“Bring your authenticity back to the United States triumphantly. Use your resources to challenge the Republican incumbent. You were not born for hereditary succession. Neither is your son, Archie.”

And you know what? It seems that Meghan’s former Suits castmates agree.