People Are Convinced Meghan Markle’s Stacked Rings Are A Clue About When The Royal Baby Is Due

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Meghan Markle recently announced that she’s pregnant with her first child, and fans are really excited about the royal baby news.

Like, really excited. Excited enough that they want to know anything and everything about the baby, including the due date, gender, and name — and they are willing to turn into Columbo to find out.

Royal fans’ detective work has led to the theory that Meghan and Harry’s baby will arrive in April 2019. The “evidence” might be a bit of a stretch, but also, it sort of makes sense! Bear with me here…

Just after announcing the pregnancy on Instagram, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed out on the road for a lengthy royal tour.

During one outing in Australia, Meghan wore three stacked rings. Each ring features a different jewel, which may or may not represent the birthstones of Meghan, Prince Harry, and their future baby.

According to this “clue,” Baby Sussex will be an April baby. Place your bets now, folks!

On October 15, Meghan and Harry made a huge announcement. They’re pregnant with their first child, due to arrive in “the spring” of next year.

Almost immediately, fans began speculating about the details of the pregnancy, including exactly when the baby will arrive. There are, after all, three months in spring! WHICH MONTH?!

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry went off on a royal tour, beginning with a trip to Australia, where they attended the annual Invictus Games in Sydney.

At one Invictus Games event, Meghan wore a certain accessory that rabid royal fans interpreted as one of the baby clues they were hoping for.

Can’t spot it? Let’s zoom in on Meghan’s hands.

People reports that the duchess wore three stacked rings, each with a different jewel — green, clear, and blue.

And while those jewels might just be for decoration, they might also represent the birthstones of Meghan, Harry, and Baby Sussex, as one observant royal fan pointed out on Twitter.

According to this theory, the green jewel is green peridot. This is the birthstone for August, which is Meghan’s birth month. The blue sapphire is the birthstone for September, or Harry’s birth month. That leaves the maybe-diamond in the middle for Baby Sussex.

Diamond is the birthstone for April, therefore Baby Sussex will arrive in April of next year.

The only snag is that the green stone is actually emerald, not green peridot. But maybe Meghan didn’t know that. The theory could still work, right? After all, emerald is the stone for the month of May, which is the month when Meghan and Harry married.

Regardless, this maybe-clue has some royal fans pretty excited. And this is far from the first theory fans have proposed about Baby Sussex.

Other royal watchers have “determined” that the baby will likely be a boy, simply because Meghan has been wearing a fair amount of blue during her royal tour.

Meghan assists by placing her hand there pretty often nowadays. So cute!

Whether or not the baby is actually due in April, Meghan can only be between one and four months pregnant if her baby is due in the spring.