Meghan Markle Slips Up And Accidentally Calls Prince Harry By His Pet Name In Public

by Angela Andaloro

There’s no denying that news about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has heated up our summers. As summer draws to a close, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready to get back to their royal duties. After some traveling and catching up with friends, the newlyweds are back to their routine, starting with a special gala performance of the smash hit musical Hamilton.

Harry and Meghan shined as representatives for the royal family and for Sentebale, a charity Prince Harry helped found in 2006. Harry even sang a few lines of “You’ll Be Back,” one of the esteemed musical’s popular songs.

After the show, a few brief words exchanged between the duke and duchess had everyone swooning. While getting together with the cast for a group photo, Meghan stood in front of Harry. She briefly turned around to ask him if he could see and slipped up by calling him a sweet pet name.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a wonderful summer! After a break involving some travel and catching up with old friends, they’re making their return to royal duties.

The happy couple attended a gala performance of Hamilton, put on to benefit Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity.

The funds raised by the charity event will support mental health and wellness initiatives for young people affected by HIV in South Africa.

Harry founded the charity alongside Prince Seeiso of Lethoso in 2006, reminiscent of the late Princess Diana’s dedication to AIDS charities.

Harry and Meghan met with representatives of Sentebale before the performance.

This isn’t the first time Harry and Meghan have seen Hamilton. The pair also reportedly saw a performance around Valentine’s Day as guests of creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Meghan also saw Hamilton during its Broadway run with close friend Priyanka Chopra.

At the end of the performance, Harry took to the stage to thank the audience for their contributions. He even sang the opening line from “You’ll Be Back,” to everyone’s amusement.

Afterward, Harry and Meghan got together with the cast and crew for a photo. That’s when Meghan let her syrupy-sweet nickname for the Duke of Sussex slip out.

As they posed for the photo, Meghan was situated in front of Harry. She turned to him to make sure she wasn’t blocking his view.

“Can you see, my love?” she asked Harry. The cast and crew immediately broke into a chorus of awws in response.

Meghan was definitely a bit embarrassed, holding her hand to her chest and saying “Oh!” before getting back into position for the photo.

While the moment made the Duchess of Sussex blush, we loved seeing such an adorable display of affection from the newlyweds.

As Harry and Meghan continue getting back to royal duties, we hope to see more of the intimate workings of their roles as husband and wife.