Royal Fans Are Loving This Candid New Video Where Meghan Markle’s Baby Can Be Seen Kicking

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Meghan Markle is pregnant with her first child with Prince Harry, and she’s just weeks away from giving birth.

While royal fans have been anxiously waiting for Baby Sussex, the baby is also dying to get out, if this video is any indication!

On February 1, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on a royal trip to Bristol. A fan caught a special moment on camera while the couple was at the Old Vic Theatre.

Meghan was standing up and smiling while talking to a fan when her baby kicked so hard it made her gasp.

Yes, the video is less than five seconds long. But you can actually see the baby kicking in her belly, and it’s pretty amazing.

Baby Sussex is due in April. This video of the baby kicking has fans speculating that the baby could be a boy or girl based on the kicks, but… the baby’s sex, name, and exact due date are still unknown.

Meghan Markle is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She and Prince Harry first announced the big news in October.

And sources have since revealed that Meghan is due in late April.

Despite her ever-growing baby bump, Meghan has remained busy with royal obligations. She and Harry just wrapped up a royal trip to Morocco. Before that, she celebrated her first baby shower in New York with her closest friends.

On February 1, Meghan and Harry took a tour of the Bristol Old Vic, the world’s oldest working theater.

Meghan showed off her bump in a flowy Oscar de la Renta dress. (This was also the same trip where the infamous banana scandal took place.)

At the theater, something special was caught on tape, thanks to a lucky fan.

Meghan’s baby kicked, causing her to take a breath. It’s a moment that anyone who’s ever carried a baby will recognize.

The moment is brief, but you can actually see Baby Sussex move in her belly! And the duchess keeps her composure pretty well for somebody who just got kicked in the stomach from the inside.

This miiight be some of the first footage ever captured of Baby Sussex, who remains largely a mystery. The couple hasn’t revealed the baby’s sex, and they may not even know it themselves yet.

They also haven’t revealed the baby’s name. Betting experts think Diana is a top contender, after Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Other names in the running include Arthur, Alice, Philip, and Victoria — all traditional royal names.

The new baby will not be a prince or princess, though, unlike Kate Middleton’s kids. Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne, so Baby Sussex will be seventh, which is too far down to have a Royal Highness title.

But the Queen could make an exception for her grandchild, if she wanted to.

Both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana gave birth to their royal babies at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, which is pretty much the fanciest hospital that you can imagine. It’s not clear yet whether Meghan will continue that tradition.

There’s a slight chance that Meghan and Harry will pick a hospital closer to their new home, Frogmore Cottage. The cottage is just outside of London, and it’s currently being renovated in preparation for the couple and their new baby.

“The hope is the renovation work at Frogmore Cottage will be complete before the baby arrives,” a royal source told Elle.

The couple has been very involved in the renovations. Between that, royal obligations, charity work, baby preparations, and social obligations, Meghan must be one very tired lady these days!

Fortunately, she does not have any more public engagements scheduled for the near future. She’s still working behind the scenes, but she likely won’t attend another public event until after she gives birth.

“If she is to do something public it would be announced, but there are none that are scheduled,” a source told People.

The Duchess of Sussex is in the final stretch of her pregnancy now! She won’t be back to her full-time royal work schedule until the fall.

But she will appear at family events, probably with the newest royal baby in tow. And royal fans cannot wait.