Meghan Markle Apparently Can’t Stop Breaking The Same Royal Etiquette Rule Over And Over Again

by Giovanna Boldrini
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Meghan Markle has broken down so many barriers since becoming a member of the royal family. But apparently, there’s one faux pas she keeps repeating that one royal expert considers a “step too far.”

If you’re a royal family fan, you probably follow the every move of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Whenever Meghan or her sister-in-law Kate Middleton make an appearance, all eyes are on their fabulous fashions. Those who closely watch the British royals may have noticed one habit Meghan has: putting her hands in her pockets.

Meghan has frequently been spotted wearing dresses that have pockets. And when you have pockets, it’s only natural to want to use them!

Plenty of us ordinary folk have fidgeted around with our hands in our pockets — it’s a pretty common habit. But who knew the whole hands-in-pockets thing is against the unwritten “rules” for members of the Queen’s family?

In late October, Meghan was spotted with her hands in the pockets of a white tuxedo-style dress she wore during a royal engagement in New Zealand, even posing for a photo that way. Etiquette expert William Hanson explained to the Daily Mail why the 37-year-old mom-to-be’s pose was a big no-no.

“We know that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pioneering a new, relaxed, tactile branch of monarchy but having hands in the pocket is a step too far,” he explained “There is good casual and there is bad casual. Placing hands in the pocket is too relaxed and unprofessional, however dressed down Prince Harry and his wife may have been.”

Cosmopolitan reports that Meghan has done this on more than one occasion, too, pointing toward photos of Meghan’s hands being in her pockets at two different July appearances. A body language expert speaking to OK! magazine in July even theorized that this behavior indicates “a subliminal desire to hide” and noted that while male royals frequently put their hands in their pockets, Meghan is the only woman among the royals to be observed with this habit.

Of course, everybody knows this is a minor issue. It’s not like Meghan is threatening the monarchy’s standing by placing her hands in her pockets! That said, the Queen is obviously keen on proper (and strict) decorum, so it’s something that the family may want Meghan to alter during future outings.

“Will the world end? No,” the etiquette expert admitted. “It is just a small blip in Meghan’s usually delightful manners that can be easily corrected for future engagements.”

What do you think of this particular royal etiquette rule?

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