Meghan Markle Reportedly Has No Intentions Of Ever Letting Her Father Meet Archie

by Angela Andaloro

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new developments in the family drama between Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas Markle.

Thomas has spoken out against the Duchess of Sussex publicly numerous times since the royal wedding. Many times, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has backed him up. While they hoped the public-shaming technique would get them back in Meghan’s good graces, it did just the opposite. Meghan hasn’t spoken with her father since the day after the royal wedding, according to reports.

Sources close to Meghan have repeatedly noted that Meghan has been hurt by her father’s very public attacks.

The change in demeanor came with the news that she’d become a member of the royal family. This hasn’t stopped Thomas from speaking out time and again, however. He recently sat down with the Daily Mail to talk about Meghan once again. Thomas also spoke on how much he’d like to have a relationship with his grandson, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Meghan Markle’s falling out with her dad has been highly publicized, though not by choice. Thomas Markle has taken every opportunity to speak to the press about Meghan, oftentimes in a derogatory manner.

thomas markle

Thomas has exercised bad judgment time and again, betraying his daughter’s trust as she joined one of the most powerful families in existence. The most recent incident was in February, when he shared with the press a private letter that Meghan allegedly had sent him.

Now Thomas is talking about Meghan yet again. He recently sat down with the Daily Mail to talk about his feelings about the situation since Meghan gave birth to Archie in May.

As the article explains, “He is speaking out for the first time since Archie’s birth because he feels he is being unfairly vilified and cut out of his grandson’s life.”

“I would like them to send me a picture of Archie so I can frame it and put it on my wall beside the one of Meghan,” Thomas said in the interview. “Isn’t that what any grandfather would want? I’d love to know if he’s got the famous Markle nose.”

Thomas also explained that he tried to reach out to Meghan last month for her 38th birthday. “I sent her a card via her financial adviser in LA but received no acknowledgement,” he said. “I have no idea if she got it.”

Thomas also discussed that he is upset about how public opinion paints him. “What upsets me is when people who don’t know me say negative things about me. Until you know me, what gives you that right?” he complained.

Thomas maintains that he loves Meghan and has nothing but the best intentions. “Sometimes I get the feeling people think I don’t love my daughter. I do love her very much,” he explained. “I would love nothing more than to put a picture of Archie in a frame and place it beside the one of Meghan.”

Thomas did insinuate that the problems between him and Meghan have to do with the royal family.

“There was never any problem between Meghan and me until recently,” he claimed. “I’ve stayed quiet because Meghan was pregnant with Archie but I’m speaking out now because they and their PR people are continuing to ghost me out of her life.”

Thomas says he was hopeful that becoming a parent would have changed Meghan’s mind about the estrangement. “Of course I’m disappointed not to see Archie. I had hoped becoming a mother would mellow Meghan and she would reach out,” he noted.

A source close to the royal family spoke to the Sun about how Meghan was taking this latest report. “It’s a terribly sad situation but Meghan has made the very difficult decision that she doesn’t have an active relationship with her father anymore,” the source stated.

Although Meghan’s mind is made up, the decision has been difficult for her. “This was actually a decision she made some time ago and it is something she’s now coming to terms with,” the source continued.

“It’s obviously heartbreaking for her but she has to protect herself, her husband and her son,” the source explained. Meghan is prioritizing her family with Harry, and after everything she’s been through, who could blame her?

Despite how many times Thomas and Samantha have spoken out against the royal family, there have been no comments on the feud from Kensington Palace or Buckingham Palace. The royal family is keeping completely quiet on the matter.

Thomas has put Meghan into increasingly difficult situations with every decision to talk to the media. Meghan may be doing what’s best for her family, but it’s also about doing what’s best for her own mental health. It’s a difficult and personal situation that no one but her can handle.