Meghan Markle Will Break Royal Tradition In An ‘Unheard Of’ Way After Giving Birth, Insiders Say

by Angela Andaloro

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy has been an exciting time for the royal family. Many suspected that Meghan and Harry would try to start a family early in their marriage because of their relatively older ages.

When their pregnancy was confirmed, there were so many questions. Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Where will they live? Where will Meghan give birth? As we get closer to meeting Baby Sussex, we’re learning more about Harry and Meghan’s intentions for their family.

Meghan and Harry have been forthcoming with a lot of the details so far. Meghan has openly discussed pregnancy symptoms and even how far along she is. Harry also admitted that while he’s happy with a healthy baby, part of him does want a girl.

Harry and Meghan are definitely doing some things differently than other members of the royal family have in the past — and apparently, that includes how they plan to raise their baby once he or she is born.

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy has meant a lot of changes for the royal family. Harry and Meghan are very close to meeting their little one, who will be the first child for both.

Rumors floated around as summer turned to fall that the Sussexes were expecting. The couple finally confirmed their happy news in mid-October.

There are a lot of preparations underway for the baby’s arrival. Meghan has previously hinted at an April due date, so it won’t be long.

Renovations have been completed at Frogmore Cottage, where the new family will live. They’re reportedly in the process of moving in and will be all settled before the baby’s arrival.

They’ve also begun splitting their office from William and Kate’s. They even recently created their own Instagram account, @sussexroyal.

As for where Meghan will give birth, nothing is known for sure. Previous reports suggested that she possibly wouldn’t continue the tradition of giving birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s.

New reports from the Telegraph suggest the opposite, however. A source at the hospital told them employees were advised not to take vacation time in April, which could be a major indicator of an incoming royal birth.

While we still don’t know whether Meghan will do away with that particular tradition, there’s another one that she’s reportedly against. Sources claim Meghan isn’t interested in hiring a team of nannies.

According to New! magazine, Meghan has her own ideas about parenting.

“She’s determined not to do things the conventional way. Meghan’s already told Palace chiefs that she and Harry want to be hands-on parents,” the source claims, per Marie Claire.

It’s understandable that Harry and Meghan want to bond with their new little one before getting others involved. Still, it’s apparently “unheard of” for royals to go without nannies.

The source also adds that Meghan looks at the decision as a message as well.

“She doesn’t want a team of nannies, which is unheard of for a new mum in the royal household. Meghan feels she wants to show other women out there that she’s independent and strong and can relate to new mums who don’t have the luxury of having a lot of extra help,” the source explained.

Vanity Fair has even reported that the only help Meghan and Harry will have is Meghan’s mom. They’ve reportedly prepared a room for her at Frogmore, where she will stay for a short while as the new family gets adjusted.

Meghan and Harry have always been adamant about striving for as close to a “normal” experience for their child as possible. This decision fits the bill, but it will surely be a bit challenging for the new parents.

All of the excitement continues to grow as we eagerly await Baby Sussex’s arrival. The little family will surely be the talk of the town for some time to come!