Meet Mystic Marcus, The Psychic Pig Who Predicts World Cup Wins

by Alex Cavallo

Talk about hogging the spotlight. We have a feeling more than a few eyes will be on a pig named Mystic Marcus when the 2018 World Cup opens this summer in Russia.

The England-born black micro pig, who resides on a farm in Heage, Derbyshire, has more tricks up his snout than merely being cute: As his name implies, Mystic Marcus has psychic abilities. Or so his owner, Juliette Stevens, claims.

And unlike other animals with alleged psychic abilities (we’re looking at you Punxsutawney Phil), according to Juliette, Marcus has a 100% track record of predicting sports results. Marcus, says Juliette, has used his ESP (which he displays by gobbling up apples designated as various contenders) to pick the winners at Wimbledon and the 2014 World Cup.

He’s already called, via apples, the teams that will be moving on to the semifinals for the 2018 World Cup. He predicts Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria, and Uruguay will make it through.

And Marcus’ talents extend far past sporting events. Juliette says that the psychic porker has predicted the outcomes of a variety of landmark world events, including Brexit and the 2016 American presidential election (we could have used a heads up about that one, Marcus).

Even if Mystic Marcus’ preternatural abilities are all a bunch of hogwash, we’ll still be keeping tabs on his predictions as we count down the days until this year’s World Cup.



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