Rescuers Choose Operation For Pit Bull With 8-Pound Tumor Instead Of Hospice Care

by Emerald Pellot
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It couldn’t have been an easy choice. Meesha, an 8-year-old pit bull from St. Paul, MN, was a happy, friendly dog until her health issues became more severe.

Meesha had a tumor around eight pounds growing on the side of her head. The tumor grew rapidly during an eight-month period. Her family had previously spent money to have other masses removed, but caring for her was becoming too financially straining.

The playful pup was taken in by Liz Gigler, founder of R-Paw, a nonprofit animal rescue that helps pets with health issues.

“They had her her whole life and had masses removed prior, but in this case financial burdens were just too much and they just couldn’t get ahold of it,” Gigler says.

Gigler decided to take to YouCaring to raise the money needed for the removal of the tumor. They would need at least $5,000. She faced a difficult decision between having people donate their money and putting Meesha in hospice care.

But Gigler could see that Meesha wasn’t in pain or unhealthy, just burdened by the large mass.

“It all goes back to her quality of life. If she was unhappy, if she was sick, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this, she would be put in our hospice program and kept comfortable until the end. But there is a chance for her, and people willing to help her,” Gigler says. “It’s really her only option to live a long happy life.”

With the help of her community, Gigler successfully raised enough money for a completely transformative surgery.

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To see what Meesha looks like now, check out her Facebook page.

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