Church Raises Money To Wipe Out Medical Debt For Over 11,000 Struggling Families

by Karen Belz
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One of the big problems that Americans are facing today is medical debt. While you’d assume that hospitals and doctors are around to help us in need, plenty of people try to avoid them.

Even if a problem is serious and requires medical attention, the bill would be devastating.

Even families who have insurance still struggle. Medical debt often prevents them from moving forward in their life. For some, it might prevent them from pursuing an education, which is yet another expensive venture. For others, it’ll stop them from buying a home, or renting in an area that’s more convenient. Those who attend the United Church of Christ are well aware of the difference they’re making.

Based on donations as well as a generous gift from the Deaconess Foundation, the church just announced that it is wiping out $12.9 million in medical debt for people in the county and city of St. Louis.

“People who live at or below poverty, who’ve found themselves stricken with medical debt that was ruining their credit, causing bankruptcy, causing some people not to seek help because they don’t want more debt, will receive letters that outline the debt that they owe and then says ‘your debt has been forgiven,'” said Rev. Traci Blackmon.

This is literally giving a second chance to plenty of people who were struggling. It’s a beautiful way to give back. But it’s also a big issue to undertake altogether. Medical care shouldn’t be so costly. One illness or accident shouldn’t ruin someone’s financial life.

Watch the video to see how these donations are positively changing the St. Louis community.

Footage provided by KTVI St. Louis

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