Mechanic Gets The Courage To Ask The Woman He Sees Everyday Why She Always Looks So Sad

by Emerald Pellot
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Richard Newberry noticed a woman walking to work every day. The woman always had this somber look on her face.

Newberry didn’t know the woman, didn’t know her situation, but he knew what that felt like.

Newberry knew what it was like to struggle. He had once been homeless and wanted to help. Although money was tight for his business, something in his gut told him to just give this woman, this total stranger, a free car.

So, one day, he did.

He offered Ernestina Nunez a car, but what she revealed made his deed that much sweeter. Nunez’s son was a marine veteran.

After serving his country, he suffered PTSD. Her son became so depressed, he took his own life a year ago. The sad look on Nunez’s face was the sad look of any mother who had lost her son.

“He ended up taking his life, so he left me with nothing because he was the only thing that I had,” Nunez said crying.

Nunez hopes that other servicemen with PTSD get help before things get bad. She thanks Newberry for his incredible gesture. It was a spark of sunshine in a very gloomy period of her life.

“I’ve been in the boat. I’ve been homeless, not knowing what to do,” Newberry said.

Sometimes, it takes a stranger to really see what you’re going through when others can’t.

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