Meat Loaf’s Dad Gave Him His Nickname Because He Looked Like Ground Chuck When He Was Born

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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You might assume that Meat Loaf chose his stage name for himself, but, as he revealed to Oprah in 2016, the name has followed the rocker for most of his life.

In an appearance on OprahWhere Are They Now?, Meat Loaf admitted that his own father gave him the nickname when he was just 4 days old.

According to Meat Loaf, who was born as Marvin Lee Aday, his nickname originally was just “Meat.” It came about because he “was born bright red.” Because he was so red, the doctor said baby Marvin should stay in the hospital for a few days, and that’s when his dad jokingly said that his son looked like “nine and a half pounds of ground chuck.” He even got a name card that said Meat on it!

The “Loaf” half of his name didn’t come about until the rocker was in eighth grade. He says it was coined by a coach, who yelled, “Get off my foot, you hunk of meat loaf!” when the teen accidentally stepped on him. Clearly, the name stuck — and ended up following him even after he became famous.

Did you know the story of how Meat Loaf got his unusual name? I always assumed he’d made it up himself — but I think this origin story is even better!

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Photos: Oprah: Where Are They Now?; Flickr / Dave Herholz

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