Special Needs Cat Is Left To Die Behind Chinese Food Restaurant But Finally Finds Forever Home

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When you head to the shelter to adopt an animal, lots of things factor into your decision.

From the type of pet — cat, dog, or something else — to the animal’s disposition and past, it can be hard to make sure you’re adopting the right pet for you.

It can also be pretty hard for the pets in the shelter — who just want to find their forever home but might not be the “perfect” animal.

For one cat named Maya, being the perfect pet for a forever home seemed pretty unlikely — until someone came along and changed her life for the better.

In under a year, Maya has moved from a kill shelter to a forever home.

Keep scrolling to meet Maya and learn why she’s so special.

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Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / meetmayacat // Wikimedia Commons / Beyond My Ken

Maya the cat

This is Maya, the cat. According to her owner, Lauren, Maya was found behind a Chinese food restaurant.

Maya the cat
Instagram / meetmayacat

Initially, Maya was brought to a kill shelter, as no one thought she would find a forever home. Maya has a chromosomal abnormality and is a little different from other cats.

Maya the cat

Then, The Odd Cat Sanctuary found out about Maya. The Odd Cat Sanctuary aims to “help kittens and cats with ‘challenges'” so they can live the happy life they deserve.

Maya the cat and her human Laura

The Odd Cat Sanctuary was able to save Maya from being euthanized, but she still needed a forever home. That’s where Lauren stepped in.

Maya the cat and her people

Maya was in a foster home for a while, but then Lauren found her. Even though no one ever thought Maya would find a home, she did.

According to Lauren, Maya still has some vision issues. Her nose is also flat, which makes her sneeze a lot.

Maya the cat

But Lauren says she’s still “just like any other cat.”

Maya the cat

Maya’s success story is amazing, both for her and for other cats with special needs. For cats with seemingly no hope of finding a forever home, Maya is a great reminder that the right family is always out there.

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