Amazing 3D Drawing Is Actually Two Images In One

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Walking down a street in Paris, or in any major city, you might encounter your fair share of unusual art.

There’s always something new and different to look at, and it’s a bit like glimpsing the world from someone else’s perspective.

And speaking of perspective, some art is great at reminding us that in art, as in life, things can look very different depending on where you’re standing.

One artist in particular likes to challenge ideas of perspective and what you’re really looking at.

Matthieu Robert-Ortis creates wire sculptures that look like fluid line drawings in 3D. At least, from one angle.

But change your position, and the wires seem to rearrange themselves as if by magic and suddenly, it’s a whole new image!

Robert-Ortis uses his considerable talent to create two sculptures in one, turning the expected into something totally mind-boggling, and all from nothing but simple metal wire.

After all, it doesn’t necessarily take any fancy materials to create a stunning optical illusion, like these street murals that turn ordinary sidewalks into fantastical chasms.

Check out his art below, and prepare to be amazed!

This is Matthieu Robert-Ortis’ sculpture La Révolution des Girafes, or “Revolution of the Giraffes.”

It’s made of wire and is seen here displayed on a street in Paris.

But… why “revolution?”

Well, although the sculpture looks like a 2D image of two giraffes from this angle, that’s not all this sculpture really is.

When you start to move around to the other side, you might notice something strange start happening to the head of the giraffe on the left…

That’s because what appears as a 2D image from the front is actually a 3D construction of carefully placed wires that only take on a shape from a certain angle.

And from another angle, they start turning into something else completely…

Watch the full video here and be amazed!

It’s even more impressive when you consider that Robert-Ortis had to plan this all out.

He had to make two sculptures in one, completely by hand! Here in his studio, you can see it in progress from the giraffe side…

…and from the elephant side!

His other sculptures deal with challenging perspective, too. This sculpture looks like a mess of wires, but with a light at the right angle, the shadow reveals what it really is.

You can see more of his work on his website, and be sure to SHARE this cool art with anyone who likes their perception of reality to be challenged!