Man’s Great-Great-Grandfather Looks Exactly Like Matthew McConaughey

by Angel Chang
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Doppelgängers are complete mysteries.

We’d like to think that every person is entirely unique and different in their own way, but you can’t deny the crazy fact that there are just so many people out there who look pretty much exactly alike.

When searching for the greatest doppelgängers of all time, you don’t have to look any further than some of the biggest celebrities.

And up until now, I thought that one of my favorite actors (and one of the most beautiful men in the world), Matthew McConaughey, had already found his long-lost historical twin.

But it wasn’t until Reddit user EmberRainbow (whose real name is Sanders Parker) posted an old tintype photograph of his great-great-grandfather, Dr. Andrew Sanders, that I was really left speechless…

Scroll further to take a look at this absolutely insane resemblance between the two men, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

[H/T: ABC News]

Matthew McConaughey doppelganger

If you look around on the Internet, you’ll find that an overwhelming amount of celebrities have their own historical doppelgängers.

One celebrity who still hasn’t found his twin from another lifetime?

Academy Award winner, actor, producer, and Texan Matthew McConaughey.

Well, until now, that is…

Matthew McConaughey doppelganger

Recently, Reddit user EmberRainbow (real name Sanders Parker, as reported by ABC News) posted an astonishing picture up on the Internet.

It was a picture of his great-great-grandfather.

The picture has since blown up all over the web, and has been viewed over 1 million times — and for good reason.

Matthew McConaughey doppelganger

Just take a look at the incredible resemblance between Parker’s ancestor and the Hollywood actor above.

“The likeness is uncanny. It was too good not to share,” Parker, a Tennessee native, told ABC News.

“His name was Dr. Andrew Sanders, and he’s also where I get my namesake from. Apparently he was the man.”

Matthew McConaughey doppelganger

The family photo had been well-preserved (and hidden) for many, many years, and was posted up on Facebook by his uncle a few years back.

But it wasn’t until Parker’s sister made the connection and posted the picture to Reddit that it truly blew up.

Parker’s grandmother, Martha, once described Dr. Andrew Sanders as a man with a deep fondness for the outdoors.

“I can see him right now sitting on the porch with his feet propped up on the banister, smoking his pipe,” she had written.

Parker swears that the photograph wasn’t altered or Photoshopped, saying, “My family isn’t savvy enough to attempt that.”

Matthew McConaughey doppelganger

It’s wonderful to know that Matthew McConaughey is certainly not the only famous person to have their own time-traveling doppelgänger.

Just dig deep on the Internet, and you’ll be fascinated by all the likenesses you’ll find…

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