11-Year-Old Finally Gets The Lifesaving Kidney He’s Been Waiting 8 Years For

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Little Matthew Pietrzyk has spent most of his life on the kidney transplant list. The 11-year-old has patiently waited for one for the last 8 eight years. 

But now, he’s finally getting it, and it’s all thanks to a perfect stranger, a “real-life Superman!”

Neither of Matthew’s kidneys were functioning, and he was put on constant dialysis. At the age of 2, he received a kidney from his mother, only for it to be rejected.

39-year-old Edward Batch has no relation to Matthew or his family, though he only lives 10 miles away from them, but he decided to help the little boy in a major way. First, he signed up for a race to support and raise awareness about organ donation.

Then, he decided to become an organ donor himself. 

It was a miracle he was even a match: only 1 percent of the population would be a donor match for Matthew!

Now, the little boy will be able to grow up big and strong, and will able to do all the things the other kids his age are doing. Most importantly, he will live

Now, the family wants to show the world just how important organ donation is: though one organ may only save one life, it can mean the world to a family, especially if the recipient is a child.

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