5-Year-Old Son Finds Pregnant Mom On Kitchen Floor So He Makes Chilling 911 Call To Save Her

by Jess Butler
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Matthew may look like any other 5-year-old boy, but the truth is, he’s a hero.

The little boy’s pregnant mom, Patricia Mansfield, collapsed on the kitchen floor one day. When he spotted her body, he knew something was wrong. The situation looked bleak, but this attentive son knew exactly what to do.

He got on the phone and called his stepdad, who then called 911. When the police rang Matthews’ house, nobody answered. Luckily, the 5-year-old figured out how to dial 911 himself and got in touch with a dispatcher named Maria Bebber.

In the video below, we hear the chilling 911 call Matthew made that ended up saving his mom’s life.  As the recording plays, you can hear a mix of confusion and confidence in Matthew’s voice as he tells Maria everything that happened.

Soon after, police arrived with an ambulance and broke down the door to get inside and help Patricia.

In the video, Patricia explains: “If I had been left there and he didn’t know to call somebody, I very well could have died.”

She ended up getting diagnosed with an unspecified condition, but she and her unborn baby are now doing great — and all thanks to Matthew.

Check out what Matthew says during the 911 call recording in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad this little boy saved his mom’s life!

Photos: CBS Local – WJZ Baltimore

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