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Dog Hidden Behind Matted Fur Gets Drastic Makeover And Rescuers Marvel At Her Adorable Breed

by June Rivers
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When a small dog named Millie was rescued in the Bahamas, her heroes had no clue what breed she was.

That’s because her heavy layers of fur were so matted they became dreadlocks.

Millie’s face was completely covered in thick dreads that caused her pain when she attempted to walk. She was also malnourished, skin and bones, and covered in ticks.

It is believed this poor dog, who is only about three years old, was neglected for most of her young life. Thank goodness the kind folks at the Bahamas Humane Society found her and gave her an incredible makeover.

The team spent hours shaving Millie’s hair, providing her with medical and dental treatment, and helping her learn to trust.

One of the volunteers at the Bahamas Humane Society initially took Millie home to foster her on her very own rescue farm and prepare her for her adoption… but her plan gloriously failed.

You see, Patricia fell so in love with Millie and couldn’t bare to part with her; she adopted her into her forever family.

Patricia was delighted to learn Millie’s adorable mix of breeds — the cutest cross between a chihuahua and Shitzu you’ve ever seen!

Just wait until you see what Millie looks like now…

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