8th Grade Math Teacher Gets Call From ‘Inspector General’ Before Being Scammed Out Of $50,000

by Angela Andaloro

Teachers are some of the best and brightest among us. Their tireless work to improve the future of our children should be rewarded, especially because of all the work they themselves have to do to get there.

Leslie Wilbanks has been a math teacher for 22 years. She teaches in the Allen Independent School District. But her impressive background and clear intelligence didn’t keep her from being vulnerable to a scam that’s being aimed at thousands across the country.

The eighth grade math teacher received a phone call from a man claiming to be an inspector general for the Social Security Administration. “He said ‘Your phone lines are tapped. We’re watching you.’ He said, ‘Do not call the police,'” Leslie explained.

The man continued to tell Leslie that she had been the victim of identity theft and had now been flagged as a money launderer and suspected terrorist.

Naturally, Leslie was terrified. Assuming the call was legitimate, she followed the instructions the man gave her. He had Leslie withdraw massive amounts of cash and drive from one store to another buying gift cards. He asked Leslie to scratch off the sensitive information on the gift cards and read him the numbers off them. All in all, he kept Leslie on the phone for 10 hours.

The man instructed Leslie to get additional funds from her mother, Kathy. When Leslie explained the situation to her mom, Kathy recognized something was fishy. Kathy got Leslie off the phone, but not before she’d been scammed out of $50,000. “I felt like I was brainwashed or hypnotized or under some kind of spell,” Leslie says of the incident.

Watch the video to find out more about this sophisticated scam.

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