Grieving Widow Spots Rainbow On Pregnant Belly In Photo And Knows It’s A Sign From Late Husband

by Lindsey Smith
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Kelly Luethe lost her husband, Jarrett, to a car accident on August 24, 2017. The couple had been expecting their third child.

Kelly decided to have a maternity shoot for the first time. She’d not had one when expecting either of her first two kids. While Jarrett could not be there in person, the spine-tingling photos reveal that he was there in spirit.

When Kelly and her photographer, Jessica Brandau, were looking at the photos, they noticed something absolutely amazing. In the photos, there is a green orb and a rainbow. The rainbow is never too far from Kelly’s belly. In many photos, it’s right over her belly or across her hand.

Kelly took this as a sign from her husband that he was there with her and their children. “I knew then: Jarrett was there,” she told Cafe Mom. “It really gave me goose bumps.”

Not only is it amazing that the rainbow was present in the photos, but her third child is also a “rainbow baby.” The mom recently went through a miscarriage, but then had a successful pregnancy — which many parents refer to as a “rainbow baby.”

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Kelly and Jarrett Luethe were married on September 10, 2016, in Tomah, Wisconsin.

The couple had two beautiful children named Ashton and Kennedi — and another on the way.

Sadly, on August 24, 2017, Jarrett was killed in a car accident.

Kelly posed for her maternity photos with photographer Jessica Brandau. Though Jarrett was not there in person, after seeing the photos, the widow knew he was there in spirit.

In each photo, there is a large orb or a small rainbow.

Kelly had never done maternity shoots, but something compelled her to take photos with her third child.

“The main reason I wanted to do them was to have Jarrett Photoshopped in and be ‘faded’ to include him in pictures of our little boy, who is yet to be born,” she told Cafe Mom.

In this photo, you can see a beautiful rainbow resting on Kelly’s hand and the onesie she’s holding. It reads: handpicked for earth by my daddy in heaven.

“When Jess, my photographer, showed me the rainbow over my belly while we were shooting, I instantly thought of Jarrett and how our son was our rainbow baby, and [I] knew then: Jarrett was there,” she told Cafe Mom. “It really gave goose bumps, and I started to tear up.”

In this photo, you can see the rainbow directly over Kelly’s belly. Not only does she see it as a sign from her husband, it’s also symbolic because she had a miscarriage.

“It breaks my heart that our little guy will never get to meet his dad,” the expecting mom told Cafe Mom. “So, having the rainbows and orbs was a complete shock and such an amazing surprise.”

When Kelly saw the green orb in this photo, she immediately started researching orbs online and discovered something truly amazing.

“I looked up what the color of an orb could mean, and green is from a happy spirit visiting and sending healing energy,” she told Cafe Mom. “Which I believe. Jarrett was happy; he loved life. He was an amazing husband and father.”

Incredibly, no matter where Kelly and her photographer moved, the orbs and rainbow would follow them.

“I believe, and I just know, my husband had something to do with that,” she told Cafe Mom.

Kelly found out the day after her husband’s funeral that she would be having a boy. She decided she will name him after the father he will never meet.

Though it’s a bittersweet moment, Kelly feels blessed that, in a small way, her husband was part of her maternity shoot and will continue to be with his family.

“There is something much bigger out there, and you can take my experience however you want, but I know my husband is my and our kids’ guardian angel now,” she told Cafe Mom. “He is so deeply missed, and to have this happen warms my broken heart. I needed this from him. He is still taking care of me even after he has passed.”

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