Couple’s Maternity Photo Shoot Takes Strange Turn When Mom Gives Birth To ‘Alien Baby’

by Amy Paige
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Todd and Nicole Cameron decided they wanted their maternity photo shoot to truly capture the magic of welcoming their firstborn child.

The excited parents-to-be from British Columbia headed to a local pumpkin patch to take their photos. Their photographer, Li Carter, agreed it would make for the perfect setting.

After all, Nicole was pregnant during autumn and Halloween was right around the corner.

The photo shoot began like most others. Todd and Nicole took their place in the pumpkin patch, and Li started snapping away.

The first pictures showed them huddled together under an umbrella and relaxing on a blanket they placed on the muddy ground.

But as you’re about to see, things quickly took a strange and bloody turn…

Credits: Photographer / Li Carter @happysqueak

When Todd and Nicole Cameron got pregnant with their first child, they knew they wanted to set up a professional photo shoot to commemorate this new addition to their family.

Since we’re in the thick of autumn, the couple from British Columbia decided a pumpkin patch made for the perfect setting.

Their photographer, Li Carter, agreed.

The day started off as normal as could be.

During the hour-long photo shoot, the happy couple posed together under an umbrella as it started to drizzle.

It was a chilly day, and the ground was wet and muddy.

While Todd held a large pumpkin, Nicole cradled her giant baby bump with pride.

Later, Todd uploaded a series of their finished photos on Facebook.

“Well, you won’t believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!!” he wrote.

You’re about to see why.

One of the photos showed Nicole going into labor, right there in the middle of the photo shoot!

Todd looked concerned as his wife grimaced in pain.

The contractions were strong with this one!

Nicole laid herself down on the blanket, preparing to give birth, as a strange pointed shape started protruding from her belly.

Todd looked down at his wife’s belly in horror, totally unprepared as to what he was about to see.

And then, with a bloody burst, the “baby” began to rip through Nicole’s pink dress.

And what do you know…

The gruesome scene looked just like the infamous alien-birthing moment from the 1979 classic horror movie, Alien.

Oops! The newborn quickly made a slippery escape into the pumpkin patch.

The new dad scrambled to catch up to his rambunctious newborn.

Phew! That was a close one.

Reunited, and it feels so good.

Nicole was so grateful to have her baby back in her arms.

She and Todd were so proud, despite their baby’s unconventional appearance.

Todd even fed his new baby a nice bottle of fresh blood.

He’s already such a great dad!

OK, OK. The photo shoot was clearly planned in advance by the couple, and their creative (and gory) maternity photos are going viral.

Nicole is indeed pregnant with their first child. Human child.

It’s no surprise that Todd and Nicole absolutely love Halloween. Not a year goes by that they don’t dress up in matching costumes and decorate their home with all things spooky. In fact, they first met on Halloween.

Once they agreed on a maternity shoot that honored their love of Halloween, Todd conceived the entire story line, gathered the props, and carved the alien “pod” with painstaking detail.

“Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition!” he wrote on Facebook.

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