Dog Moms Can Now Get Matching BFF Necklaces With Their Pups

by Angela Andaloro

If you grew up during the ’90s, you probably faced some pretty important decisions: Which Spice Girl were you most like?

Who was your favorite boy band? Possibly the most important decision of early childhood for kids of all generations revolved around friendship jewelry. It was a big deal to get a set of BFF bracelets or necklaces. Picking who got the other half was a serious statement.

As an adult, picking your best friend is probably easier. It’s someone who has spent endless hours on the couch with you binge-watching your favorite shows. It’s someone you can always count on to be there.

If you’re anything like most people, and if you’re being honest with yourself, your BFF may actually be your pet. Now you can celebrate your furry best bud the old-school way.

Several brands have released matching items to bring you even closer to your four-legged pals. These pieces will surely show the world your bond is serious business!

woman hugging dalmatian puppy

If you’re a pet owner, your furry friend means the world to you.

Now you can show that off with some super-cute friendship jewelry.

Etsy’s Slashpile Designs has some super-cute offerings for you and your four-legged BFF.

This sterling silver set will show that your two hearts are really one for just $77.28.

If hearts aren’t your style, then bones may be the way to go.

Show off your favorite good boy or girl with this set, also available for $77.28.

If you’re a cat lover, Slashpile hasn’t forgotten about you!

Look fine with your feline in this cat-head set, available for $61.82.

If you’re into an earthier vibe, Blue Lion Creations offers gemstone dog and cat BFF jewelry.

There are nine gemstones available, and they run $25 per set.

FriendshipCollar also has matching sets for you and your furry friend! The business donates a portion of its proceeds to animal shelters across the country, so you can give back while getting stylish with your BFF.

FriendshipCollar offers a variety of collections.

The Friendship Collection consists of original designs that remind us of the friendship bracelets we used to make at summer camp. There are seven available styles, running from $25 per cat set to $35 per dog set.

If you and your furry friend are a little more on the high-fashion side, check out the Luxe Collection!

These seriously trendy patterns run $30 for cat sets and $50 for dogs.

If jewelry isn’t your style, there’s a vast world of clothing and accessory options for matching with your pet.

If you and your pooch are interested in matching shirts, check out Pablo & Co. Boutique’s sweet and silly designs. Matching shirts start at $41.40 a set.

If you’re looking for designs on the more casual side, Fur Mommy and Me has 27 different matching shirt designs at just $25 a set!

Not ready to dedicate yourself to a whole look? Start with accessories, like these matching headband and bandana sets from Andi & Al. Headbands are $8, while bandanas range from $6 to $9 depending on size.

If you and your pet are hyped for festival season, you can even get matching flower crowns.

Nash & Willow offers human and animal flower crown sets for $58.90. You provide your sizing information, and the business can make it happen for any-size animal!

For those lazy days, you and your little buddy can even have matching bathrobes. Live in luxury with these sweet robes from The Posh Paws Company. Human robes start at $59, and pet robes start at $33.

woman and cat comfy

The possibilities for cute matching moments with your pet are endless! No matter which looks you choose, they’re guaranteed to make for a lifetime of sweet memories.

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