Zoo Tries To Play Matchmaker With 2 Endangered Penguins

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Penguins are beautiful animals, and they are about to steal your heart in the video below. Thankfully they’re in the care of the men and women of The Lowry Park Tampa Zoo, which teamed up with The Florida Aquarium.

Thumbelina and Rocky are two penguins of genetic compatibility, so now their caretakers are waiting to see if the two will muster up a romantic connection. Why? Because these penguins are endangered.

So, as a part of Saving Animals From Extinction (S.A.F.E), these two animal businesses decided to work together, to provide this opportunity that has to do with much more than matchmaking. As we all know, animals can go extinct and lose their families, not only because of Earth itself and the natural evolution of our planet, but also due to pollution, hunting, and animal cruelty that humans sometimes bring about.

Hopefully, Thumbelina and Rocky become the new Romeo and Juliet of the penguin world and produce chicks that lead to generations of more little penguins too!

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