Masters Of Craft: Flowers Harmonize Under Chazz Levi’s Discerning Eye

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

There are few things more instantly uplifting than a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Chazz Levi, a florist with 30 years’ experience, knows a thing or two about the positive influence of flower power.

To listen to her talk about her craft is to receive a crash course in the poetic potential of the natural form, from the tiniest unfurled bud to the biggest, blowziest rose bloom.

To be sure, we love a good crafty variation on the theme of cut flowers, like this quaint teacup arrangement, but Levi makes an irresistible case for a different kind of design, one that’s effortless and lived-in.

There should be no elitism or mystery to creating a perfect DIY arrangement; Levi is almost missionary in her faith that every person should have access to the simple and pure happiness of arranging a beautiful display of flowers, with flowers from your own garden or local grocery store.

Her particular talent is in granting that access — as she does in this exclusive video for LittleThings — as she demonstrates how to use every last leaf and stem to create an overall effect that is lovely, unforced, and beyond easy to replicate at home.

Her tips include: just saying “no” to scissors (she’ll explain why!), using flowers in every stage of bloom, and taking time with your project.

But fundamentally, her most important message is this: “Spending that quiet time with [flowers], it’ll change your life. It really will.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Chazz Levi and the wonderful world of flowers.

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The Masters of Craft series will feature artisans over the age of 50 who will showing off their craft and passion. Viewers will learn a new DIY skill from someone in their own demographic. Subjects include designers, florists, calligraphers, jewelry designers, milliners, professional chefs, and others.

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