Beautiful Rainbow Latte Art Will Make You Love Coffee Even More

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee. And if you’re feeling fancy, there’s nothing like a latte.

The combination of smoky espresso and silky foamed milk makes any morning delightful — and even better? The addition of beautiful art!

Traditional latte art, which typically takes the form of a heart at its most basic or a frond-like pattern at its more elaborate, is made by carefully adding foamed milk to espresso.

With a gentle motion of the wrist, the white milk and rich brown coffee turn into beautiful, swirling patterns. Sometimes, it’s almost too pretty to drink!

Latte art is big if you’re a barista or coffee enthusiast. There are even competitions where dedicated baristas like Matthew Keyes of Key&Cup in Brooklyn can create stunning, edible pieces of art. It’s a strange talent, but one we’re glad is in the world.

And then there are baristas like Mason Salisbury, who are making things even more interesting.

Salisbury likes to practice his latte art, but brewing all that espresso? Just not realistic. But he’s come up with a clever and beautiful solution that’s making the world stop and stare.

See what he does in the photos below, and you might find yourself craving a latte.

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Traditionally, latte art looks like this.

The shades of brown are thanks to the espresso, and the white is the steamed, foamed milk.

When poured in carefully and with just the right motion, patterns like this can be created when the milk is added to the espresso.

But barista Mason Salisbury, who hails from Las Vegas, is changing things up a bit to create these boldly colored latte designs that are taking the internet by storm.

Salisbury likes to hone his considerable latte art skills, but he disliked wasting the espresso. That stuff isn’t cheap!

So instead of espresso, he used food coloring.

And the result were these multicolored, psychedelic drinks!

To create them, Salisbury drips food coloring into milk both in the cup and in the pitcher he’s pouring from. This way, he can clearly see the designs he’s made.

And he can add multiple colors for an even cooler effects!

By gently swaying his wrist back and forth, Salisbury creates these swirling designs that can look like ferns or flowers or, in this case, a peacock.

And even though this is just steamed milk and food dye, the artistry makes it look pretty amazing!

He’s also tried it with the espresso included, which means you get color, design, and caffeine!

This would brighten anyone’s morning.

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Watch the magic happen right before your eyes in this video!

You can see more of Salisbury’s amazing latte art in photos and videos on his Instagram, and the next time you get a gorgeous flourish on your coffee, leave a tip! Your barista deserves it.

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