Mason Jar Home Decor: 20 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars Around Your Home

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Every few months, it’s fun to change up your home decor. Whether that means hanging a new wreath on the front door, sprucing up your plants, rearranging your living room, or buying some new decorations, updating your decor is a nice way to refresh your house.

Recently, Mason jars have been all the rage. We’ve seen Mason jars used for smoothies, cocktails, and even salads! There are also all sorts of ways you can use Mason jars to simplify your life. And what better way to use these versatile little jars than as home decor around your house!

While many people just use these glass jars to store drinks and food, there are a ton of ways you can use them in your home. From flower vases and piggy banks to lighting fixtures and makeup holders, Mason jars can truly be used all around your house.

And with just a little bit of paint and some of your favorite ribbon or twine, you can craft these jars into an integral part of your home decor.

1. Mason Jar Lamp

mason jar lamp

Do you know what’s cooler than an Edison bulb? An Edison bulb inside a Mason jar! It’s basically the trendiest lighting fixture imaginable. Plus, it goes with any decor style — industrial, farmhouse, shabby chic, and bohemian.

2. Kitchen Sink Set

Keep your kitchen looking cute with this set of Mason jars. While one holds flowers, the others hold soap and a sponge. You can make these easily at home with different-sized Mason jars, paint, and twine!

3. Bulk Food Containers

bulk food jars

Although storing foods is a normal use for Mason jars, many people today just leave their food in the original packaging it comes in. Make your pantry look more organized by putting all your dry goods into matching Mason jars.

4. Floral Wall Decor

This adorable floral wall decor is perfect for any home with rustic decor or a farmhouse chic vibe. Plus, it’s super easy to make! All you need are some wooden boards, painted Mason jars, fake flowers, and twine.

5. Tiny Terrarium

Make an itty-bitty terrarium in a Mason jar! Not only are they easy to take care of, they look absolutely adorable. Plus, they’re super fun to put together!

6. Memory Jars

memory jars

Memory jars are a sweet way to honor a loved one who has died or to commemorate a time in your life. Use one jar for photos and keepsakes, and use other jars for candles.

7. Mason Jar Snow Globes

Making DIY snow globes is actually not as hard as you might think. With just a few simple materials, you can make your home winter-ready.

Learn how to make your own Mason jar snow globes with our tutorial!

8. "Home Sweet Home" Decor Sign

home decor sign

There’s no better way to welcome people to your home than with a Mason jar “home sweet home” sign. This farmhouse-chic sign is made with reclaimed wood and a painted Mason jar, which holds fresh flowers.

9. Succulent Planters

If there are two things millennials love, it’s succulents and Mason jars. Why not combine the two? These adorable painted succulent planters will look perfect in any house.

10. Mason Jar Mug Vase

mason jar mug vase

If you have a bunch of Mason jars lying around your home, you’ve probably used them for flowers before. If you haven’t done this, you should! These jars are perfect for holding bouquets of store-bought flowers or handfuls of wildflowers.

11. Mason Jar Coffee Set

If you can’t go a day without coffee, spruce up your home coffee station with a Mason jar coffee set. Keep coffee beans in one jar, sugar in another, and other accessories nearby.

12. Floral Makeup Holder

Instead of keeping all your makeup in a grungy bag next to your sink, upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful wall-mounted makeup holder. And don’t forget to bring some life to your boring bathroom by adding fresh flowers!

13. Mason Jar Salt Shaker

Since Mason jars are so popular, they come in all shapes and sizes. These little ones with handles are perfect as shot glasses or salt and pepper shakers!

14. Mason Jar Candle Holder

mason jar candle

Make your own tea light holder with a Mason jar, lace, burlap, and your favorite ribbon. It’s super easy to make a candle holder like this one, and it’ll look romantic and adorable in your home.

15. Mason Jar Pencil Holder

These pencil holders are perfect for keeping all your writing utensils in one place. Not only will they look adorable on your desk at home, they’re also a great end-of-the-year present for your kids’ teachers!

16. Pet Treat Jars

If you’re sick of storing your pet’s treats in the ugly bags they come in, opt for some adorable treat jars. All you need to make these are some big Mason jars and paint! Make sure you add paw prints, your pet’s name, or some other cute decorations.

17. Mason Jar Chandelier

17. Mason Jar Chandelier

If one Mason jar lamp isn’t enough for you, ramp things up with a whole Mason jar chandelier! These beautiful lights will fill any room with a warm glow.

18. Kitchen Utensil Holders

Many people keep their kitchen utensils shoved in a drawer — which seems great until you’re frantically searching for a spatula while your food is starting to burn. Keep your utensils right next to your stove with these adorable Mason jar utensil holders.

19. Mason Jar Desk Set

Keep yourself healthy at your desk with a shabby-chic Mason jar desk set. Turn one Mason jar into a tissue holder and the other into a hand sanitizer dispenser.

20. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Classic piggy banks are so passé. Instead of using a boring old piggy bank, turn a Mason jar into your very own bank. Just cut a hole in the metal lid, then drop your coins in!

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