What She Does By Pouring Rocks Into A Mason Jar Just Made Me Gasp… AMAZING!

by Elyse Wanshel
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Word association time! What comes to mind when you think of America? The Statue of Liberty? A bald eagle?

Our lovely red, white, and blue flag fluttering over amber waves of grain?

Well, if you uttered “Mason jars” but have no idea why, don’t worry — you’re not crazy. In fact, that just means that our great nation is simply on your mind because Mason jars are deeply interwoven into Americana. In fact, it should be our patriotic duty to have as many Mason jars as we can on display in our households, preferably dangling from a Mason jar chandelier, which we taught you how to make in this handy tutorial.

Invented in 1858 in Philadelphia by John Landis Mason, Mason jars have been a distinctive part of our lives for over 150 years. They take us back to a romantic time when people made things with their own two hands. They can also be linked to our own childhoods — back when we caught fireflies in the summer or watched our mothers dip butter knives into Mason jars of our favorite jellies and smoothed the sweet, fruity spreads over a warm piece of toast.

When you think about it, nothing’s more American than this woman making an apple pie in the lids of a Mason jars.

If you need a new way to boast your love for the U.S. of A. — or just love a good Mason jar project — look no further than this simple and fun idea by YouTube’s The Sorry Girls. What they make inside a Mason jar is so cool and easy, I think I’m going to make one myself this weekend.

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