Slice The Top Off A Salt Container, Then Secure It To A Mason Jar For A Cute DIY Bird Feeder

by Caroline Hockenbury
Caroline is an editorial intern who enjoys running, making origami, and beatboxing (simultaneously).

Helping my dad fill up the bird feeders with seed was always one of my favorite activities growing up.

We would stuff the tubes to the brim, then step inside to ogle the birds from our kitchen window. Sometimes, we even snapped pictures of our new feathery friends.

Although filling bird feeders always made for a special time spent with my dad, we could have had even more fun by making a homemade feeder together for our front yard. I wish I had known about this creative craft when I was a kid!

Check out this simple DIY project and learn how to make a stunning bird feeder today. Its’ simple: all you need is a salt-container lid, a half-size Mason jar, some string, and a small plate. The complete material list and directions are included below!


  • box cutter
  • 26 oz. salt container
  • 1 half-size Mason jar
  • twine
  • scissors
  • small plate


  1. Using a box cutter, cut the top off a 26 ounce salt container.
  2. Remove the lid from a half-size Mason jar.
  3. Cut four pieces of twine into three-foot strands using scissors. String them halfway through the lid.
  4. Push the salt top into the lid, then shift the twine to opposite sides around the salt top.
  5. Tie the Mason jar to a small plate using the twine. Knot the twine two inches from the plate bottom.
  6. Flip your craft so the Mason jar is upside down.
  7. Hang the finished product from a tree branch using the long strands of twine at the top. Open the salt nozzle to release seeds onto the plate.

Looking for more detailed directions? Click play to watch the instructional video below.

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