Get Through The Holidays With Mary Poppins Mantras, Inspired By Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns

“Everything is possible…even the impossible.” If that’s not a quote that sums up the modern holiday spirit, we don’t know what is! From scoring the perfect gifts to baking more cookies than seems humanly possible, many of us spend this month conjuring holiday magic at every turn. So we’re pretty psyched that we’re being gifted with Mary Poppins Returns, a sequel to Disney’s beloved film about an umbrella-toting nanny with mystical powers and a bottomless handbag, just in time for the holidays. Emily Blunt plays Mary Poppinswho returns to visit the grown Banks children when she senses they’re once again in need of some magic in their lives — and some patented Mary Poppins mantras.

On this episode of Refresh, host Cassie Morris is joined by guest host Cori Ingrassia, a fellow Poppins lover, for a chat about the new movie — and the “Mary Poppins mantras” they love to live by! A busy mom of three, Cori relies on a whole carpet bag’s worth of mantras on a daily basis. She often finds herself repeating “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” when wrangling her little ones, for example.  

When it comes to Mary Poppins Returns, hitting theaters Dec. 19, we’re hoping for the best and preparing for even better! Check out the video below for more of Cori and Cassie’s favorite mantras and a sneak peek of the new movie.

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